What's New

What's New with Fork Awesome 1.2

Fork Awesome is now a community effort based on Font Awesome by Dave Gandy.
We Font Awesome but here's why we forked it into Fork Awesome 1.2. Want to help contribute?

PR freeze

Since Oct 22, 2016, Font Awesome has frozen all pull requests proposing new icons. With Fork Awesome, we are welcoming all your pull requests.

Font Awesome 5.0

Fort Awesome has run a very successful kickstarter campaign and completely redesigned Font Awesome in this new version 5.0. Fork Awesome plans to keep the old look alive.

Distributed community

We believe in distributed open source design projects, where all contributions are included and credited. So join our community.
You asked, Fork Awesome delivers with 52 shiny new icons in version 1.2. Want to request new icons? Here's how.

If you were using Font Awesome 4.7, you should be able to just switch to Fork Awesome 1.2 and get all the benefits from it. If you were using npm or composer packages, replace the ones you were using by this Fork Awesome ones. Or if you downloaded a static copy of Font Awesome, download the latest version of Fork Awesome and replace CSS and font files in your project and you should be good to go.

We paid special attention not to change unicode codepoints for the existing icons, nor changed the CSS class names or icon names from Font Awesome 4.7. Though we added a few more icons and made the process of contributing to this project much easier. Though, if you see a mistake, please don't hesitate to file a bug.